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Christmas Tree 2019 Process & Tree Decorating Advice!

November 17, 2019

OurRainbow Ombre Whimsical Tree

Rainbows never go out of style at Happy Home on Highbridge! I use Christmas as an excuse to bring even more colors into our home!  The holiday season is truly magical and it makes everything in our home feel even more cozy & happy!  I am so excited to share with you our tree this year, the process of decorating it, and my best Christmas tree decorating advice/tips :) 



Tree Skirt- Home Goods


Snowball Garland- PotteryBarn


Large Clear Snowflakes- Dollar Tree


Large Colorful Snowflakes- Walmart


Colored Ornaments- Amazon


Mini Snowflakes- Dollar Tree


Striped Chairs- Pier 1


Pillows- Target


The Start:

Our Christmas tree is super old from The Home Depot.  I bought it as a pre-lit tree, but the lights have not worked for years.  It looks pretty sad and dull on its own.  I really wanted to buy another brand new pre-flocked Christmas tree (but those things aren't cheap phew!)  So, I was determined to work with what I had and transform my old tree into looking brand new.....for a fraction of the cost!


Here is what our tree looked like right after I unpacked it and set it up from the box:


Here are some really awesome Christmas trees!  Use the arrows and click not he images to navigate & shop! :)




Okay, so I have actually never owned a flocked tree before.  I always thought they would be super messy.  I found a great and inexpensive alternative that does not leave any sort of mess!  Its called Santa Snow from Walmart. It took me 3 cans to do our entire tree.  But fr the price of a can only be about 4 dollars it was TOTALLY worth it!  I didn't even cover the floor.....and any leftover that got on the floor just wiped right off with a warm towel!


   You can >>CLICK<< the IMAGE to shop the Santa Snow!



The Star and Lights:

My husband hilariously put the star on the tree and I re-strung totally new lights that I ran out to our local Rite Aide and bought a bunch of new lights!  I would stay putting on the lights was the least fun part about doing the tree!  That is probably why I didn't get any pictures of that part haha!






The Ombre Rainbow Ornaments!:

To makes it a little different then last years tree...I reversed the color from top the bottom, So instead of pink being on the bottom, like last year, I moved it to the top! Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow/Gold, Lime Green, True Green/ Some Turquoise, Baby Blue, to the bottom of a mix of White and Silver.








Next Steps:

-Adding in the flowers evenly throughout the tree

-Adding in the sparkly branched evenly throughout the tree


-Adding the snowball garland to the tree

-Last but not least, the awesome giant 3D snowflakes to totally complete the look


- oh and the tree skirt of course!



The Final Product!!:




Shop our Tree:

You can school through using the arrows and click on the image to shop!  :)

My Christmas Tree Decorating Tips:

-I was team pre-lit trees and everything for years.  Until.....they all stopped working.  Or,  a part of the tree would work and not the other parts.  When and if I ever buy a new tree I am defiantly not going to get in pre-lit because it is just a matter of time until part of it or the entire things stops working.  The pre-lit lights are apart of the tree, so its not like you can just take off the lights that are not working!


-Fluff up the tree really well and make sure to wear gloves!  I always get a weird rash when I'm done doing the tree ( I am allergic to real ones). This can totally make a tree come to life and fill all the gaps that make it look fake!


-I always start from the top down!


-I start with the ornaments first


-Then the bigger ornaments (I love having the contrast of different sized ornaments on the tree)


-Then when all the ornaments are on I add in "the add ins" like flowers, sticks, etc.


-I do the garland almost last!


-Then when I can step back and look at everything almost completed I add the largest 3d Snowflake part!


-I would put the star on before putting the top of the tree on!  I 
don't know why I didn't think of this before writing this post! haha!


-If you are looking to change you trees theme from year to year or once and a while the Dollar Tree is where it Is at!  They have amazing ornaments and many of the pieces on my tree are from the Dollar Tree!


-My last piece of advice is to stay true to you!  Decorate your tree with colors and things that make your heart happy!  Whether you do colorful, neutral, sentimental ornaments, whatever!


Thank You!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog post!  It means so much to me!  I am so happy to be able to share our house with you!  Christmas magic is real!  It is not something you can see or hear.....but you feel it and believe it!  Make sure to subscribe on the home page to stay up to date with everything going on at the Happy Home on Highbridge Community!


You can shop all my Posts at the Free Like to Know it app!  I will link it down here for you!



May your holidays be merry and bright!  




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