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Grocery Haul & Fridge Organization + Bonus Healthy Recipe!

July 23, 2019


Grocery Haul


Grocery shopping is something that I dread doing, but it feels so good once you are all stocked up on yummy food! I always find it interesting to see what people get when they grocery shop!  So, I figured why not show you what I get on a bi-weekly basis.  I shop at our local Shop Rite here in Medford, NJ.  I also love shopping on their Military Mondays because they give me an additional 5% off my total bill for presenting my Military ID!  


I'll break it down for you into sections!


*I don't always get all of this at once it just depends on what I am out of or not!  But when we are down to bare bones this is pretty much everything!



-2 gallons of grocery store brand 1% milk

-2 dozen eggs (whichever are on sale)

-gaint egg lands best liquid egg whites

-10 chaboni smores yogurt flips

-12 Okios greek yogurts cherry & vanilla 

-3 packets of Kraft fat free mozzarella cheese

-store brand sting cheese

-fat free sour cream 1 container

-5 fat free Redi Whipped cream cans

-Yasso frozen yogurt bars (caramel and mint chocolate chip flavors)

-Blothosue farms yogurt blue cheese dressing

-Bolthouse farms yogurt ranch dressing

- 2 containers Philadelphia strawberry cream cheese

-Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream if out of it

-Parmesan cheese if out as well

-Blue cheese crumbles

-2 pounds Naturally slender American cheese

-Pre-made cheese tortellini






(To be honest I never get organic.... because it is more expensive and they go bad very fast...I know it because they don't have all the preservatives on it...but ill take the risk!  It is what is it!)

-10 bananas

-3 containers of raspberries

-3 containers of blackberries

-1 large container of strawberries

-1 container blueberries

-1 large container of orange juice

-sometimes I'll get cherries & watermelon depending on the season

-Sunshine Lime Popsicle frozen fruit bars

-Shop rite unsweetened apple sauce





-3 bags on spinach - we eat this a lot in salads and shakes!

-1 sweets onion

-2 red bell peppers

-baby carrots

-5 heads of broccoli (a lot of these also goes into my husbands meal prep containers)

-steam in bag corn

-Steam in bag mixed veggies

-Steam in bag cauliflower rice


-I also have a large assortment of steam in bag frozen veggie in my freezer at all times!

-Roaster red pepper hummus container

-2 packs Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers







-2 packets of Tumaros Low carb wraps premium white

-Sarah Lee wheat bread loaf

- 4 packs steam in bag brown rice 

-4 sweet potatoes

-Flat Out high protein wraps

-Hawaiian sweet bread rolls (for myself haha!)

-buttermilk Egg Waffles

-Tostitos Lime chip large bag

-Family size honey nut cheerios

-large tube of quaker oats

-Special K protein cereal

-Cinnamon toast crunch






-2 packs extra firm tofu -whichever is on sale

-2 pounds Salmon

-White meat chicken tenders 

-2 pounds extra lean ground turkey
-Shop Rite boneless chicken breast family pack

-meatballs - whichever are on sale

-1 pound Shoprite Honey Ham

-1 pound Shoprite Turkey

-2 packs Extra thick cut bacon normally Shoprite brand

-Turkey hot dogs





-2 smooth natural Skippy Peanut Butters

-Peanut & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful

-unsalted plain almonds

-I also have Nutella inn our pantry lol!






-Nutrigrain bars

-Tons of sugar free Jellos

-Little bites party cake muffin bags

-water bottles

-Poland Springs sparkling waters

-2 cases Gatorade strawberry kiwi propel

-welches fruit snacks

-hershey kisses or mini milk ways

-pam non-stick spray

-Stevia sugar packets

-Walden Farms 0 calorie syrup


-Reduced sodium taco seasoning packets

-Breakfast bless k-cups


-Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce

-Hot sauce



-Always have a box of pre-mixed cake mix because you never know when you'll need to bake a cake up cupcakes!


-pasta sauce

-Mac N cheese easy make cups

-Thats all I can think of right now!




Fridge Organization:


Before I unload all the groceries I quickly take a minute and wipe down my fridge as best as I can from all the spilled food, sticky fingers, & marks!  It is easiest to do it when its more empty with warm water and a paper towel!


My honest advice on fridge organization is.... do whatever works for you!  One thing I also try to remember is to put the older things that will expire first at the front or on top so those will be used first!  I have made the mistake of not doing this and have to end up throwing more then I would have liked out in the trash!  I try to avoid wasting food at all costs!



<Bonus Healthy High Protein Pizza Recipe>





What you'll need:


PS: my kids LOVED THIS!

-high protein flat out wraps

-pasta sauce
-Kraft fat free cheese
-parmesan cheese

-low fat turkey meat balls (I used Natures Promise)

-cheese tortellini (I use Pre-Made Buitoni)  

-Spinach (its under the cheese you just can't see it!)


-you can lower the carbs by adding more meat instead of the pasta...I used tofu in mine!  Tofu is great because it absorbs whatever you season it with!








-Pre Heat oven to 425 degrees


-Place flat out pan on baking sheet and lightly spray it with pam on the top to make it crisp


-scatter 1/4 cup cheese tortellini , 1/2 cup of spinach (it shrinks when it bakes), 1 serving of Kraft fat free cheese, 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese, & cut up 4 turkey meatballs and spread evenly over flat out wrap


-throw it in the oven for 12 minutes


-ENJOY! :)





Thank you!


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog posts!  I appreciate it so much and hope you have found this post helpful!  Stay up to date with everything that is going on in the @HappyHomeonHighbridge community by subscribing to the blog on the contact page!  Hope you have a great rest of the day! :)



*I do not restrict anything from my "diet" its all about eating a healthy balance and keeping in mind portion size and moderation! 



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