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Athena's 2nd Sesame Street Birthday + Kid Party Tips

March 5, 2019


Sesame Street Has Taken Over for our Sweet Athena's 2nd Birthday Party


For Athenas 1st birthday party (you can scroll down further blog posts to check that blog out!) I did a Rainbow & Unicorn theme!  I like to keep birthday parties pretty small and low-key, especially at this age when she won't really remember, but family and friends will!


I never realized just how fast time goes until I became a mom.  The years go by in an instant....that saying is so true "the days may be long but the years fly by". That is exactly how I feel about motherhood!  


Athena is obsessed with Sesame Street....a few of her first words were "Cookie" (for Cookie Monster) and "Elmo". So, it was super easy to pick the theme for the party!  When she came downstairs from her nap to see the house all decorated she was SO excited :)


Birthdays come up so fast and when you have a family of people that have constant birthdays. ;). ....you don't want to break the bank on party decor& food!  Towards the bottom of this post I'll breakdown how much the party costs, total amount of guests, and how much the decoration costs as well!


In the meantime...... Happy Home on Highbridge >>>> transformed to Happy Home on Sesame Street lol!

 Last minute decided to change the water to lemonade and put out a separate pitcher of water

 Levi Making the lemonade!

 My mom found these alcohol free pink rose lemonade at Marshals! 

 I have a few core pieces that I pull out for any hosting function at our house, teal team for plates, napkins, utensils, chip holders with build in dip bowl does the trick!

 Easy to access utensils!

 Used painted mason jars for utensil holders...added the perfect color pop!

 I have had this cupcake holder for years from Home Goods!  It adds such a girl touch :)

 A little close pop shot into the family room!

 Had to wait to put the food out right before the guests came so the cats didn't eat it!

I always love to decorate the light fixtures for a fun + whimsical element! 

 Included Athena stuffed animals into the decor as well!  

 Daddy brining in the pizza and Daisy,... just chilling lol!

 Dancing to Sesame Street songs with Grandmom before the guests arrived!

 Bentley Made Athena's Cookie monster cake himself!  It was the sweetest thing ever! :)

 Cannot believe out little Athena Sky is already 2!!!!

Party Breakdown / Tips:


-For the Sesame Street Party Decor I bought a $44 Sesame Street Party Pack from Amazon



You can click the picture of the kit to shop it! :)


-There was an awesome deal going on with Dominos Pizza to get 6 large pizzas for $37 if you picked it up!  It was the perfect amount for the 35 family and friends who attended!


-I paid 5 Dollar for the balloons from our local Medford Store called Binkley's for the colorful balloons!


-Use your tv & computer screens as free decor!  Change your background to the theme of the party! :) (its free!)


-Don't be scared to ask people to bring things and if they volunteer its okay to say yes!  My mom brought over a healthy salad, pink rose drinks, & fruit ....and my sister brought over some chocolate chip cookies to have with the cake!


-Bentley made the cake himself for his sister which was really special and will be a great memory!


-Make sure the bathroom is really clean....that's what people sit down at and look at the most (got that tip from my Aunt Maggie)


-One of our favorite go to snacks to put out it nachos and salsa!


-Have staple party items that you bring out for party (ours are pitches, drink dispenser, chip and dip holders, mason jars, cake holder, cupcake display holder)


-We played light Sesame Street music on our Alexas throughout the house


-total party cost: 

$44 decor

$37 pizza

$5 ballons

$5 for cake and declaring cake supplies


$91 dollars for the entire party for 35-40ish people!


-Cleaning up before I go to sleep to wake up to a clean and fresh house the next day helps me feel relieved and stress free!


-You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a birthday party awesome!


-DONT STRESS!  Nothing goes perfect and its the people and memories is what matters the most!


Some of My Fav party go to-s:

(Click picture to shop it!)




   (Click picture to shop it!)


Thank you! 


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I greatly appreciate you stopping by to check it out!  Don't forget to subscribe on the contact page of my site to stay up to date with everything that is going on in the Happy Home on Highbridge Community! Have a wonderful day XoXo Jen!!! :)




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