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What is in my Gym Bag & Why!? BONUS Upper Body Workout!

July 26, 2018


Hi friends!  As promised I transitioned my blog into more of a lifestyle blog with a mix of home decor!  I could not be more excited to share my two ultimate passions of home decor & fitness with you!  Most of these items will last you a long time and are a 1 time buy!  They are totally worth it and my workout essentials! :)  Hope this helps! <3 


A Look Inside My Gym Bag:


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Gym Bag

Lets be honest, I couldn't help but get a super cute gym bag with pretty flowers!! It fits so many things inside...including Athena's diapers and her needs for when she is in gym babysitting!





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Lifting belt

Up until recently I have never worn a lifting belt before....I thought I would look silly and did not really understand the point of it.  However, with my husband's encouragement ..he actually ordered this for me himself..to convince me to wear one!  I cannot believe the difference and support I feel when wearing this!  I even wear it on my lighter lifting days.  It helps keep my posture & lower back feeling good when I wear it!  If you want my Instagram stories you have defiantly seen me wearing this baby and even talking about it too! (Also helps stabilize and reduce stress on your spine!)





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Lifting Staps

Another one I fought my husband on, but so glad I decided to give these lifting straps a GO!  I don't know about you guys....but my grip strength tends to fail before my actual body part strength that I am lifting!  These allow me to focus on the actual muscle group I am workout out and not worry about if my grip strength fails or not!  I use these faintly for Back Rows, Dead, Lifts, & Pull Backs






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Workout Gloves

Want to avoid ugly calluses? These babies will surly do the trick for you!  Working out is not always pretty and can for sure take an ugly toll on your hands!






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                             Shaker Cup/Blender Bottle

These are my go two for mixing protein & water (that little ball makes no clumping = amazing!) However, the reason I take this to the gym is because I fill it with BCAAS and drink it throughout my workout to stay hydrated and get my body full of electrolytes! BEWARE if you forget to leave protein in these in your car or somewhere....I have seriously never smelled a worse smell! LOL!






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                                           Xtend BCAAS

This is my all-time favorite brand and flavor of BCAAS!  This is what I sip on throughout my workout and honestly during the day in my shaker cup, pictured above!  I use one scoop and basically BCAAs are jam packed with electrolytes, so its like gatorade without the extra calories or sugar.  It also majorly helps with muscle recovery too & tastes AMAZING!  It stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids!






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                                            Jump Rope


Jumping rope is such a great cardio and high intensity workout!  I always have a jump rope in my gym back to get some high intensity cardio in between sets, or especially when I travel to be able to get a workout in the hotel room or gym if the cardio machines are not there or taken!  I have to be honest thought, since have 2 babies I always feel like I have to pee super fast when I jump rope! Hahaha!  Sorry Too much Information ;)





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                         Beats SOLO 3 WIRELESS MATTE GOLD 

Okay I know these are pricy, but if you workout a lot and want to get in the zone these will totally do the trick!  I just got them about a week ago and was worried with them being so big....that they would fall off my head!  But, they are adjustable and do not move at all!  I cannot believe the sound quality and now I am hooked and won't workout without them.... unless I forget to charge them (with unfortunately, is not too uncommon)






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                                         Quest Bars

I linked the variety pack here because this is my favorite brand of protein bars and the variety pack will let you try tons of different flavors so you can pick your own favorite!  My personal favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough!  I always have on if my gym bag and car.  Sometimes I have to rush from the gym to somewhere else and don't have time to eat!  These are the perfect high in protein snack (and fiber) to hold me over before I get to eat an actual meal!






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                                  C4 Sport Pre-Workout

I take this prework on days I feel like coffee just won't do it!  Especially on leg days!  It gives you that extra UMPH you may need to really push it!  Mix one scoop with water and take 30 minutes prior to your workout!


***I also almost always chew gum when I workout and have an extra set of headphones in my bag that plug into my phone...just incase my charge dies on my wirelesses!

Upper Body Workout: my fav ;)




 ^^^^motion shot of wide grip pull downs!


*Reps is short for repetitions. Repetitions defines the number of times to perform an exercise


*Sets refers to how many times you will repeat that exercise for the set number of repetitions. 


*If you are unsure how do do any of these exercises youtube them on bodybuilding.com and it will show you the correct form!  Form is EVERYTHING!


Warm Up: 10 minutes of any choice of steady state cardio


Standing Over Head Press: 12 reps- 4 sets


Wide Grip Pull Down: 12 reps - 4 sets


Flat Dumbbell Bench Press: 12 reps- 3 sets


Single Arm Dumbbell Rows: 10 reps- 3 sets


Barbell Curls: 12 reps- 4 sets


Triceps Pushdowns 12 reps- 3 sets


THE END! :) & Stretch!


Serious about wanted to get healthy, lean, & strong....BUT MAINTAINABLE AT THE SAME TIME!?  visit my awesome fitness coach's website www.rippedtoshredzfitness.com and mention code: RTSF-Jen to change your life! 


Have fun when you workout!  haha! I do! 


Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  For more workout motivation and tips follow me on my fitness Instagram @JenRay_Fit or in my stories in my home decor Instagram @HappyHomeonHighbridge! If you have any questions go to the contact page on this website and e-mail more or Direct Message me on Instagram! :) Have a great day xo Jen


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