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Athena's 1st Birthday Party (RaInBoW uNiCoRn!)

February 16, 2018

 A RaInBoW uNiCoRn 1st Birthday Party for our Sweet Athena Sky:


Can someone please pinch me that my baby Athena Sky's 1st birthday has already come and gone?!  Seriously....where does the time go?! Okay, enough of me feeling bitter sweet about this moment and time to get to showing you how I put this party together, products I used, and some more rainbow unicorn inspiration that I have found on my search! 


Our older son Bentley is 7 years old so I have had my go at all different types of birthday parties!  I went all out for this first birthday and don't get me wrong it was amazing (red, white, and blue party since he was born on the 4th of July) But, it did cost us a pretty penny and he doesn't remember any of it!  However, I do understand just how special all birthday parties are especially the 1st one!  My goal for this party was to make it amazing for our little girl! Yet, cost effective with close family and friends :)  She has such a smiley, bubbly, & fun personality.   I knew a rainbow unicorn birthday party would be the perfect fit for her colorful attitude! Honestly, I do love rainbow and unicorns myself....hahaha!  Probably more than Athena at this point in time ;)


Is it weird that I still cannot believe that I have a daughter?!  I think about all the fun things I did with my mom growing up and the bond that we share.  I am so excited for what the future holds for her and the many birthdays we have ahead to celebrate together!  This past year has been filled with joy, new challenges, sleepless nights, beautiful memories, ups +downs.... & the best year ever of our new family of 4! Sometimes it's hard as a parent to appreciate parenthood all the time.  Some days can feel long, stressful, & defeating.  Here are 2 quotes that I truly think about everyday: "The days are long, but the years are short" & "everyday may not be a good day, but there is good in everyday." Being a mom is the greatest gift from God and I cannot believe I am so blessed for the two sweet souls that call me mom!   NOW officially back to party talk! >>>>

Sweets & Treats:


We had about 25 guests total for the party!  We ordered from an amazing local pizza place in town that delivers (6 pizzas total) margarita, buffalo chicken, and lots of plain cheese.  They were having a deal 2 large pizzas for the price of one.  Talk about major score!  My friend Apple normally makes every single cake for your parties.  She is amazing and makes insane cakes right out of her kitchen.  However, she was doing something much for exciting....meeting her new baby that she is adopting!!! My sister, Caroline & Athena's Godmother, stepped in to make Athena's smash cake!  She did a fantastic job! 



I still cannot get over the cuteness level of this cake and just how special it is that my sister made it for Athena!  She used store bought cake batter and used 1/2 of the box.  She backed the cake in a circular pan, let it cool, frosted it, and then did the cute decorations!  She made the ears of out marshmallows and edible pink marker and made the horn out of an ice-cream cone! Caroline you ROCK!  Oh and lets just say Athena is a totally sugar baby and loves cake....that little one eats anything and everything! 



I am unfortunately am not a baker or a cook....but I am striving to improve!  haha!  I went to our local Shoprite and got the cutest rainbow sprinkle cupcakes and pink icing/rainbow cookies.  It is all about the presentation!  Making it look cute and not expensive!  I found rainbow unicorn stickers at the dollar store and put them all over the table cloth in the center to make it look extra cute! The amazing cupcake holder I have had for over 8 years from Home Goods (they always have cute ones there!)  The other mini pink ones I got from the dollar spot at Target.  


The beautiful pastel mason jars I got from a friend on Instagram (Bianca @Peoneyaccents)  They were the perfect plastic utensil holders!  One also held amazing unicorn straws!  In the drink holder my husband made a Sangria mixed drink, which tasted amazing and was nice and sweet just like the party!


I found the unicorn plates at target and the table clothes, cups, and mini plates are all from our local Dollar Tree!


I also threw together Vegan Chili for a healthier option and my dad is a Vegan and it was his birthday too!  So we also had a mini Vegan cake for him!  It is beyond special that my dad and Athena share a birthday!


CLICK on any IMAGE to SHOP ! :) >>





Amazing drink dispenser for any party that comes with mason jars!  I wish I could link mine but we got it years ago as a gift form my bridal shower!








I love this because it is super similar to mine and can be used for both a mini cake, cupcakes, cookies, or all 3!









An adorable teal tin cake stand!  I just love this color and the price!










   $6 dollar gold strong paper cupcake stand!












Bedazzled aqua cake stand!  Can use over and over like I do!










Here is the link to Biaca's Etsy shop for these amazing painted mason jars: 






I had a vision for the main focus decoration of being a giant rainbow!  I searched for a reasonable priced rainbow balloon arch, giant balloon decorations...and it was all just too much money to spend for me!  I have always LOVED decorating for any occasion...just throw me into the movie "Trolls".  I used to make tons and tons of paper chains and decorate my house when I was younger.  We have tons of construction paper in my teaching cabinet, a stapler, and scissors, that is all you need! 



I hung them up with mini command strip hooks (got at Target) on either side and it was solidly hanging for about a week before the party!  There were no signs of it coming down.  It took every bit of 2 hours, but it turned out amazing and I just wish I could keep a rainbow in my house at all times haha!  Defiantly staple and do not tape...tape will not last or be strong enough to hold! 


I just adore this "I believe in Unicorn" garland that I got off of Amazon!  It is so precious and I think it could even be used in a girls bedroom as decor! I honestly wish I could keep it up all the time!


CLICK on any IMAGE to SHOP ! :) >>




This garland is a show stopper! I love it and plan to use it permanently in my daughters room!










Cute set of fun rainbow decorations!








Guys I am still so obsessed with this unicorn balloon that we got from a local party store called Westmont party!  We got all of the other balloons from there!  They were a mix of gold confetti filled and rainbow pink swirl!

Table Scape:




So, I shopped my house for those paper flowers and blue jars that I had previously in my bedroom!  My husband bought Athena rainbow flowers for her first birthday (so sweet !) and I divided them (from Shoprite) into the four blue tall jars.  The table cloth is from Dollar Tree and so are those cut out unicorns & paper hearts!  The only products that are different are the plates are all from Target!


The nice thing about plastic table cloths are you just wrap up all the trash and paper products at the end of the party and boom!...your tables are already clean again hopefully!  I also made the mistake of vacuuming before a party....which is almost pointless because it gets super messy again especially on dark floors!  But....friends it was that bad I couldn't leave the floor in the condition that it was in! Decorations:

Athena Sky:

 The party was so fun....easy, and stress free....besides me waiting until the last minute to take a shower of course!  Whether you go all out, keep it small in simple, or fit somewhere in between...what matters are the memories that are made....! :)


A Few  of My Other Favorite RaInBoW uNiCoRn Things:


CLICK on any IMAGE to SHOP ! :) >>




I actually ordered this for Athena and it came the day after the party!!! But it is even more adorable in person!










         Cuteness overload.











Very fun rainbow light up unicorn that could be used in any fun room in the house and brought down for a party!










Perfect for the pool & a rainbow unicorn pool party!











I am obsessed with this! period! I need this in my life!










The happiest rainbow unicorn sheet set I ever did see!













 Plush unicorn wall decor head ! So Sweet!












These rainbow unicorn curtains are a dream come true!











A blush pink unicorn pillow?! Yes Please!











"Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses" Sign






Thank you SO much for checking out my blog post! I hope you found it inspiration, colorful, and helpful!  Please feel free to message me on the contact page with any questions or DM me on my IG page @HappyHomeonHaddon.  Xo Jen :)





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