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Protein Pancake Recipe & Amazing Protein Snacks!

December 4, 2017


Pancakes?! Give me pancakes for breakfast, lunch, & dinner! I am in!  Pancakes are by far my favorite food!  However, they are not the healthiest food in the world.  What if I told you...there are pancakes out there that are healthy and super simple to make...packed with healthy ingredients and PROTEIN!


If you are new to my Instagram page and my blog....welcome! I seriously appreciate you checking out my blog and reading my posts!  I am super passionate about teaching, home decor & and fitness.  Fitness is a huge part of my life and has always been.  I was competitive swimmer for years and somehow managed to survive on pasta with butter and bread....not even kidding.  I was that annoying kid that would never try anything new and my poor mom always had to make me something blah and plain.  Sorry mom! I wish I knew before what I know now about how nutrition plays such a huge role in health and overall performance.  I know lift heavy weights and it has truly transformed my body!  It is pretty awesome that my 7 year old son wants to be strong like him momma! Even if you don't workout...these are a tasty/healthy alternative to regular pancakes 


I feel like for over half my life I was under what I should have been consuming protein wise!  Just because I wasn't even aware.  I find that a lot of people are not consuming enough protein! (I take 3 total rest days out of the week) and even on my rest days make sure that I am consuming anywhere between 100-120 Grams of protein a day (this will be different per person based on a lot of variables).  I use MyFitnessPal App to get a rough estimate.  It is super easy and free (highly recommend) 


With the holidays right around the corner and amazing food coming at you in all directions it can be hard to resist!  The only problem is a lot of these great tasting foods are not healthy and giving your body the right fuel that it needs!


These pancakes are too good to be true (but they are the REAL DEAL!) I eat them almost everyday for breakfast and sometimes for dinner too!



What you need









This is the exact pancake skillet and smiley face spatula that I use everyday!  I mean who can make pancakes without a smiley face spatula and a smile on your face thinking "Get in my Belly!"




Quest protein is by far THE BEST baking/cooking protein I have ever used (I have tried a lot).  It creates fluffy full amazing pancakes.  I also use pam Coconut spray to create zero sticking to the pan! Quest has tons of amazing flavors..others below




I also use quaker quick oats and we get the big tub because oats do not last very long in out house because we all love these protein pancakes, even my 7 year old son! The ninja blender is seriously amazing especially if you are someone like me who loved to add all different types of things into shakes.  It makes it smooth and consistent within seconds!




  I use 0% Fage Greek Yogurt and liquid egg whites

(available at your local grocery store!)


Cannot forget about topping it with sugar free syrup and white chocolate wonderful peanut butter! YUM!

(Also available at your local grocery story)


Check out other amazing quest protien flavors below: Remember you can CLICK on all of these pictures and SHOP






Chocolate & Peanut butter flavors












Cookies and Cream & Strawberry Flavors








 Salted Caramel & Cinnamon Crunch Flavors 






-add 1/2 cup liquid egg whites to blender

-add 1/2 cup oats to blender

-add 1/2 cup fage yogurt to blender

-add 1 full scoop of quest protein to blender


-blend ingrdients together until smooth!


-pour onto pancake skillet pre-sprayed with pam!


-Flip when ready!


-Add onto your plate and top with sugar free syrup, whipped cream, fruit, your favorite nut butter! WALLA!  You have amazing protein pancakes that taste like a dessert!  Holy Moly Yum! (Ps: this is an amazing pre or post workout meal as well!)




Macro nutrirent Ingredient Breakdown:


Protein: 52g

Carbs: 36g

Fat: 3g

Total cals: 375 calories  


not including toppings! but they taste good plain! 


My go to protein snacks = amazing: 


Filled with tons of portion, fiber, and deliciousness ! 

CLICK on the pictures to shop!  


**These make great stocking stuffers- they are what my family fills my stockings with each year!  Nothing better than gifts that you use all the time!












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