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Instagram Stories & Why They Matter!

November 8, 2017

Want to see a pretty picture of literally anything?!  Just Google It, jump on Pinterest, open up a magazine/catalog, OR open up INSTAGRAM!  Now, if you are a new Instagrammer, small shop owner, decor account, or whatever you may be!  I have some super important news for you....Instagram stories matter in growing your account(s) and creating a relationship between yourself and your followers!  


I am going to go more specific for the decor aspects of Instagram.  There are so so many decor IG accounts.  They range from well established accounts, somewhere in the middle, or brand new ones!  This is awesome because there is seriously inspiration everywhere! However, it makes it harder to grow your own account.  Sit back and think about this for a minute.....what makes you special?  Why should people follow your IG account when there are tons of pretty decor photos everywhere you go on IG.  Even if you have magazine worthy photos (check out my prior post on how to best edit your IG pics) adding in Instagram stories can totally be a game changer for your account!


 It is a well known Instagram fact that more people watch your stories...than they like your posts.  It is super easy to click and watch a story.  Also, (I recently found this out) you post a picture on IG and you think all of your followers are going to see it!....NO!  IG picks who sees your photo and who doesn't!  I noticed this because so many of my favorite accounts were posting pictures and I wasn't seeing them..unless I was actually going to their account.  Or, the most recent pictures that would come up on my feed were from hours or days ago. Weird, Right?!  Instagram Stories are a great way to get around IG's tricks!


WHO is there person behind the squares?!  If you love someone's feed wouldn't you want to know the story or person of who is behind them?!  If you have a decor account each and every picture MATTERS!  They have to be eye catching, perfectly edited, and be decor related (since you have a decor IG account) Now, I know that there are always exceptions to this, I am talking about for the "most part". Posting pictures of yourself would not really go with the theme of you IG page.  This is why stories are a great tool to get your followers to know you better and be relatable! 


I am naturally very shy and I know many people feel uncomfortable with getting in front of the camera on top of talking.  I urge you to go outside your comfort zone and try it!  It won't hurt I promise!  Be yourself, the true, authentic, and unique YOU! 


I am going to post below my most recent Instagram Stories that I have up on my Instagram right at this very moment!  I want you to watch the entire thing and then scroll down where I have a few pointers of exactly what I did!:



 (NOTE: stories stay live on your Instagram for 24 hours and then automatically delete...there is a way to save your stories!  Keep reading below and CLICK the link) 



-Be Yourself

-Be Genuine


-Be Relatable 

-Get your family in when possible!

-Don't be scared to be silly and fun!

-Use stories as a tool to show your decor "live"

-Use the poll feature to ask your followers questions (I didn't have this include in my stories from today!)

-Make announcements for different #Hashtags that you are in

-Alert your followers when you have a new post

-Talk to your followers like they are your friends sitting with you for lunch!

-Know that everyone has an option and some people may think you're bonkers! Let them unfollow you and just keep being YOU!



-be fake

-be too "pushy"

-constantly use filters (which I can be guilty of sometimes because it can be kind of a security blanket but people want to see the real you!)

-always be negative


I am by no means an Instagram expert and don't claim to be one!  I am just sharing with you what has worked for me so far!  Stories have really allowed me to connect extra with my followers and interact with them more.  People are able to message you from watching your stories....and this is honestly how I have gotten the most messages and made some true Instafriends!


Here is an amazing link that can help you navigate Instagram stories like a Pro!  But, is still totally understandable if you are a newbie! It covers much more then I would be able to and I read/watched the entire thing and it is so awesome and informative! CLICK THE LINK BELOW :)


Other Story Features (In case you didn't click on the link!)


-LIVE video: (I have personally never done this yet....but you can create a live video and your followers can message you and it pops up on the screen and you can respond to them LIVE!


-Photo Mode: all of your photo/videos from camera roll come up from the last 24 hours...you can take a photo and add it using the story feature as well. Here is a tip...sometimes I want to add a photo that is not within the 24 hour window....simple take a screen shot of it....crop it....and it will come back up to load in you story!


-Superzoon:  This is fun to use every once and awhile...if you watched my story I did it on my dog and Fred the turkey haha


-Boomerang:  You have to do it right so it doesn't make your followers Dizzy!  But it can be fun!


-Rewind: plays your video backwards


-Stop-Motion: take a few picture all at once and it plays them quickly in consecutive order


-Hands Free: which is the normal video mode. Reminder each story only plays for 15 seconds and then will cut you off.  There are free apps that you can download that you can video straight through and it will break it up for you into 15 sec segments (I need to do this myself)

Took a quick picture and labeled SOME of the features that you can add on any of the IG story components above:



I truly hope that you have found this post helpful and if you have any questions at all...please Direct Message (DM) me on Instagram @HappyHomeonHaddon or go to the contact page on this site and shoot me over a message! I would be more than happy to help you! :) 


*Side Note: Again, I know how hard it can be to get your face one camera and talk but I promise you just get used to it!  I am at the point now where I just post and don't even re-watch unless I think something is weird or if I messed up!  People are naturally going to have an option of you...but just continue to be yourself, have fun with it, and give it a try!  I promise it will engage your followers more and give your Instagram page that little umph that differentiates you from other accounts!


My admission letter into colleges started with, "Have you even seen a strand of Christmas lights and one light just seems me be thinking and twinkling a bit brighter then the rest....well that's me!"  haha...not even kidding, but it worked!  Give yourself that confidence to keep being awesome and know it!



STAND OUT!!! I'll be your biggest supporter!!! Go for it! <3 Jen Ray @HappyHomeonHaddon 


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