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Instagram Etiqueté....It's a thing! The Lowdown on being Tagged, etc....

October 10, 2017

 Hi Friends!! I want this to be a beneficial read for any decor Instagram account or anyone thinking about starting one!  There are so many different things that I have learned on my 6 week Instagram decor journey!  Its funny because I thought it would be super simple "aka" just posting pretty pictures of my house.  However, there is much more too it then that!  I don't want to intimidate you...having a decor Instagram is super fun!! I just want to educate you to help build you account and gain more followers + also connecting with lots of awesome accounts for inspiration! Now, by no means am I an expert at this (hence I stated I just ventured to start this 6 weeks ago lol!) Now I am sure you can probably google all this too ;)....But, I think it would be helpful to hear what I have learned and gain some tips from a fellow decor account and newbie! :)


So, lets start with the basics first!  What does it mean to get tagged?! Well, that means that someone is either saying, "hi friend, please play along with my hashtag" or are tagging you to mention you in (ex. to follow you or how pretty your post was) in their own post/story (yes you can tag stories too) to show their followers...hey look at this new account or how cute is this?!


***How do you know someone tagged you?! Look at the photo below: 

 Okay, so if you see that tag Icon in either spot the arrows are pointing! That means, that another account has tagged you in a post description or picture!  Now that you are aware that you have been tagged---clIck on the top tag page and it will open up to the page that shows all of the posts you have been tagged on with the newest one first!


Here is an example of what my tag page looks like when I click on mine:

 Above are the pictures of all the posts that fellow accounts have tagged me in!  Check out my previous post all about HASHTAGS #### to see why it may be important to tag others and play their hashtags = to get your account featured on other accounts and grow your followers!


So....you want to either play a hashtag that you have been tagged for or tag the store/company where you got certain things in your picture (you see this sometimes when accounts day tap for sources)  This is how you do it!!!



Hit the 3 dot button up at the right hand corner of your post....make sure you do this AFTER you have already posted it to your page!

 Click on the "Edit" Button


 Click on the tagging symbol, that the arrow points to, in the left hand corner of your picture that you posted!

Now, you can click on different areas of your picture and choose where you want to tag a person, brand, store, another page, and so on!  In this post above I wanted to tag my decor to show my followers where I got certain things from.  In other posts, like my post at the very very top of the page #BOOtifuldecor and more....that is a hashtag that I started with a group of Instagram decor accounts and when I posted it...I wanted to tag as many friends as possible! (You can tag up to 20 friends) This way they will see you tagged them and possibly play your hashtag!!  (read more about hashtags and playing hashtags on my pervious posts)


On the other hand, sometimes you may be tagged in descriptions of can tag other people in the descriptions on your own post!  Here is an example of that below:

 I was tagged here by two other accounts in the descriptions!! you can tag someone in the description by just typing in their user name with the "@" symbol in front of it (@HappyHomeonHaddon) You will also be notified when this happens to your account!!  So trust me, you won't be missed when you are tagged!


Now, friends when you are tagged by someone they may want you to play their hashtag, which could lead to a possible feature, you may want to tag a store to show them you are using their products and get potentially featured on their IG Feed, or maybe you just want a certain account to notice your post!  IF you are tagged by someone....the nice thing is to try and play their hashtag!!! For example, If I tagged an account in my #BOOtifuldecorandmore they would want to take a picture of their fall/Halloween decor and tag #BOOtifuldecorandmore in their post description and tag one of the hosts in the photo...so it is sure to be seen!


You may also want to thank the person who tagged you! Either in their original post saying "thanks for the tag" "thanks for thinking of me" "can't wait to play"  I normally always do this!  You may also want to acknowledge that you have been tagged by them in their post!  For example: here is something that I just was recently tagged to share 10 facts about myself and here is how I mentioned the person who tagged me in my post description: 

 Guys!!! There is one more feature of tagging that I wanted to cover today!! You can also tag people in you Instagram stories!! You can tag multiple pages or just one!  Below is how you do that...first you go to your home page and swipe right and it will take you to your story (filmed( you can take on videos, still story photos, all of them!)


I selected my photo that I want to post in my story, but I want to tag someone in it (giving them credit, or for whatever reason) hit the letter button that the arrow is pointing to.



I typed the Instagram name that I wanted to tag (you can change the font color and even write on it!! But, DO NOT write the tag...it will not tag them properly...make sure you type it!)


Then, you hit the next button and it will post to your stories.  The page(s) that you tagged will be notified in a message form like below:


 Friends I hope that helped you in some way!!! It has been so fun and interesting at the same time to figure out all the "Instagram decor Etiquette" haha!  Please let me know if you have any questions you can direct message me on IG @HappyHomeonHaddon or fill out the contact form tap on my website!  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!!

 GUYS I just re-read my blog post and noticed my phone was at 1% almost the entire time....Im guilty of not charging my phone for long enough so it's constantly dying!!! That's one thing I have to work on lol!


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