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How I Created My Daughters Dream Nursery..That Can Easily //Transform// to a "Big Girl Room"

October 3, 2017

Happy Monday friends!! I always think on Monday's we could all use an extra dose of sunshine, bright colors, and flowers to make the day a little brighter!  So, that makes it the perfect day to share with you my daughter Athena's nursery!! I think it fits the criteria to make your Monday just a tab bit sweeter :)  


Athena is my second baby!  I also have a 7 year old son Bentley!  I am not going to lie...when I found out I was having a girl I was so excited, but scared at the same time!! So many different emotions!! For the last 7 years, all I have known is boy everything!! I love being a "boy mom" so I was so curious as to what life was going to be like having a daughter as well!  One thing that I knew 100 percent was just how much fun I was going to have doing a whimsical, colorful, and girly nursery!  Boy, did I have an absolute blast putting together Athena's room.  As sweet as her nursery is, my little girl is even sweeter!! She has the perfect nursery to fit her vibrant, silly, and fun personality!


My absolute FAVORITE part of her nursery is the paper flower design above her crib!  I just cannot get enough of paper flowers!!! You can easily say that I am a tad bit obsessed with them.  I found these paper flowers on Etsy! (type is paper flowers in the Etsy search bar and the choices are amazing and endless!) I also "bedazzled" some with a hot glue gun and crystals, to make the center of some of the flowers really pop & shine!   The flowers bring in that pop of vibrant color...and if you know me you know I LOVE color!! I also had to add my signature pop of teal.  This amazing vintage open frame was another amazing Etsy find.  I wanted to tie in her changing table dresser with this frame (changing table will be pictured below!) I went to the Target craft section and found a wooden "A" for 1 dollar!  I had some chrome spray paint at home from a pervious project and sprayed the "A" silver.  Athena's crib was a total splurge from Pottery Barn Kids!  Her crib bedding is from Jack and Jill Online Boutique.  Her crib skirt and pillow on her rocking chair really pulls all of the fun colors together across the room!

 One thing that was super important to me to keep in mind throughout designing the nursery....was to make it not super "babyish" if that makes sense!  I didn't want to spend a lot of money making it into a "big girl" room for her when that time comes (and time flies, so it will be here probably in my next blink!)  That is why I did not buy a "typical" changing table.  I actually bought this aqua cabinet/dresser from Home Goods and it was my first purchase for the room.  I literally designed everything around this aqua piece! I secured the changing table pad with strong velcro from Home Depot.  This way, when Athena gets older all I have to do is take the changing pad off and BOOM! it is the personal "big girl" room dresser and the gallery wall will still look adorable for a little girl!  As you can see my paper flower addiction continued to the other side of the room!  I actually just added these flowers this week because I had extra sitting in my storage closet in my basement!  I thought how fun would it be to add some more pop of color to the other side of her room by framing the closet! 


The Mirror on the wall is from Pottery Barn kids and so is the basket on the changing table.  The basket is filled with her creams and diapers!  The rug is also from Pottery Barn Kids as well.  The other wall decor are from Target!  I love the command strip I got with little crystal knobs from Target.  Is is the perfect headband holder!! The changing Table Pad is from Jack and Jill Online Boutique.  You can't tell from this picture but there are tiny little pink dots on her crib sheets and changing table cover.


I totally forgot to mention how I hung the paper flowers on the wall!  I used strong command strips!  The flowers over Athena's crib have been up for a year and none have fallen!  I know how important it is to make something is strongly on top of the wall (especially over a baby's crib)  So, the command strips are holding up great!  


The floor lamp also brings an awesome shade of aqua into the room!  I got this lamp from Pier 1 Imports!  The silver basket next to the crib is from Pottery Barn Kids and so is her rocking chair.  The silver ottoman and side table are both from Homegoods and I got awesome deals on both!  The top of the side table was scratched and they let me take it home for 15 dollars!! SCORE! You cannot even see the scratch because I have cute flowers, pictures, and a candle on it (all from Home Goods!)


Athena's closet was done by a local closet company here in NJ called The Closet Gallery!! I did add crystal knobs to the drawers ever though you can't really see them in this picture!! Anything to make it even prettier! The baskets are from Pottery Barn Kids.  Let me be totally honest here, this closet can look like there has been a tornado that has come through with me rushing to get the kids ready in the morning.  I here when she becomes a teenager it will get even worse...haha!  


I am going to be sharing some links below for SOURCES!! (Copy and paste links into your search bar) 


Hope you enjoyed this post my friends!! :)


For crib bedding, changing table cover, crib skirt, and throw pillows:






Rocking Chair:









Dresser, Side Table & Ottoman: 

LUCKY Home Goods Finds!


Paper Flowers:

Go to Etsy.com and type in paper flowers into the search bar and the options are endless!


Floor Lamp: 



Could not end without a picture of my little Athena!







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