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How to take that crisp/clear Instagram shot! Without buying $ any editing Apps..!

September 30, 2017


                    ^^^^^After ----> Before Using Instagram photo editing feature! ^^^^^


 Hi friends!  Wow I kind of can't believe this is my first blog post ever!  I have been contemplating for awhile what to post first!  I have so many ideas and topics that I want to cover! I have gotten a few Direct Messages (DMs) on my Instagram page @HappyHomeonHaddon on how I get my images so clear and bright! (Which was super exciting because what huge compliments!!) Now, I don't have a super fancy camera, photo shoot lights, or expensive editing applications (and trust me it's awesome if you have all this!)  But,.... it is not 100 percent necessary to take an awesome shot of your home decor!  I take all of my photos for my Instagram page with my iPhone 7 camera.  If you want to know a little behind the scenes details...I never take just one photo. I always take a bunch and then select the best one!  I choose the best photo based on the right lighting and angle that is my absolute favorite.

 Once my ideal photo is selected -----> I hit the edit bottom on the photo in my camera roll.

Next, I hit the enhance bottom on the top right hand corner, which immediately makes the photo appear brighter and makes the lighting much better.

 Then, I go to my Instagram page and add the enhanced photo.  Instagram has amazing editing features and that is what I use on all of my photos!  Here are my staple editing features that are my go to tools:  brighten, saturation, sharpen, highlights, and structure.


 It is SUPER IMPORTANT that your photos do not look OVER EDITED!  I only do a tiny bit of each to make it look as natural as possible!  Funny to say "natural" when it comes to taking home decor photos.  By natural, I mean it looks how it pretty much does in person, but for some reason my camera doesn't capture that fantastic lighting and the editing tools just make it look picture perfect! You want you picture to (((WOW))) the person scrolling quickly through their Instagram feed.  You need to put in the small amount of time it takes to make that photo great quality to stop your followers in their tracks!!  I promise that once you have it down it only takes me about 2-3 minutes now!  


**Extra little Instagram photo taking tip: If you want to hyper focus on something and make the rest of the background blurred out...take a photo on your iPhone in portrait mode!  It is an option on an iPhone when you scroll to either take a photo, video, panorama, etc... the below picture was take in portrait mode!

Guys!  This has been so much fun doing my first blog post!  I hope this can help you with your Instagram pictures! I am totally not knocking any editing applications!  I truly believe they are awesome....But, if you have a tight budget like mine, this could be a great alternative!  I appreciate you reading this and checking out my blog so much... you have no idea!!! :)  



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